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Motion Design, 3D and VFX

Hello! My name is Reto Christiani. I studied at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

More then 20 years I’ve been creating videos that combine design, animation, 3D, live action and visual effects for businesses of all sizes.

I gained from working on big Hollywood Studio productions to local projects to widen my range of experience in the professional field.

I am servicing satisfied clients in the film, television, broadcast, design, advertising, corporate, retail, gaming and entertainment industries.

I consider myself as a 3D generalist and I cover a wide range of tasks. Basically I solve problems, have ideas and the skills!

  • Motion Design

    Animated 3D elements, typography, objects and graphics help tell your brand’s story.

    I feel comfortable in combining all kinds of media into yours.

  • 3D Animation

    I’am fluent in all types of animation and know how to find an unique way to convey and visualize a story using a wide range of animation techniques.

  • Post Production

    In post production, I edit footage, apply visual effects and integrate graphics and 3D elements through compositing.

    This is where everything comes together, and is prepped for screens of all sizes and available in the desired format.

  • 3D Illustration

    From prototypes to complex scenes using all the advantages in the 3D world to visualize ideas and concepts. Flexible and adaptable to make it real and getting your message across.

  • Virtual Simulations

    Generating realistic and accurate 3D simulations of fluids which visualize smoke, water, fire, dust and/or particles is right in my comfort zone.

  • 3D Modelling

    To fill the void in the 3D world: this is where everything starts and I offer my skills to create the objects and scenes to visualize, animate or 3D print any idea or concept.

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more samples: Animation - 3D Illustration
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